University of Chicago Women's Board

Our Steering Committee

Annually appointed by the chair of the University of Chicago Women’s Board, the Steering Committee represents a broad cross-section of our members’ interests, backgrounds, and points of view. The Committee is tasked with setting policy for the organization and coordinating on our programming, recruitment, service, and grant-making efforts.

The Committee is composed of the following members:

Linda Nolan, Chair, University of Chicago Women’s Board
Ann David, Vice Chair, University of Chicago Women’s Board
Jillisa Brittan
Tina Asmuth Chatalas, Chair, Communications Committee
Sharon J. Coleman
Frances K. DelBoca, Co-Chair, UEI Partners Committee
Ritu Dhingra, Co-Chair, UEI Partners Committee
Margery Kamin Feitler
Caryn Harris
Mae Hong, Chair, Grants Committee
Jennifer Keller
Adrienne King
Peggy King, Chair, Programs Committee
Becky Knight
Jody LaVoie
Peggy Lim, Chair, Development Committee
Jennifer Litwin
Gayatri Mathur
Alexandra Nikitas
Stephanie Ortel
Becca Richards
Catherine Rosenberg, Chair, Membership Committee
Cheryl Rudbeck
Courtney Sherrer
Laura Van Peenan