University of Chicago Women's Board

University of Chicago Women’s Board Grants Fund

The Women’s Board application period for grants is now open to all University of Chicago students, faculty, and staff!

The application for funding can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the following link: UCWB Official Grants Application Form for 2021-2022 Funding.

The form must be completed and returned electronically in Microsoft Word format via this Google Form no later than 5:00 p.m. Central time on Friday, March 19, 2021.

The Women’s Board raises substantial funds from its membership each year in its mission to serve the University of Chicago through active philanthropy. The Women’s Board selects diverse, critical projects to support from across the University through our Grants Committee. The Grants Committee is a diverse group of 15-20 women that convenes annually to meet for two days of intense deliberation on which projects to fund. The committee is appointed annually by the Chair of the Women’s Board to allocate all donations from Women’s Board members throughout the year. One hundred percent of Women’s Board members’ contributions go directly to support our annual Grants Fund. The committee hears proposals from across the University and decides where funding should be distributed based upon pre-set criteria. These projects, ranging from faculty research, student life, arts and cultural institutions and community outreach efforts, are integral to University life and would go unfunded without our support.

To ensure fairness, communication between grant applicants and Grants Committee members is strictly prohibited. As such, each year’s Grants Committee membership roster is kept confidential until the final funding decisions have been made after grant applicants oral presentations have been heard.